Collected Moments - A Story of Love

This beautiful love story spans three continents and two generations... A heart-warming story and graceful writing. Bestselling romance author, Evelyn Palfrey

~Love may transcend time, but time can never transcend love~

Many years ago Cecelia was a naive college student when she met Stephen, a young visiting professor during a summer lecture series. Coming together seemed to be as natural as the sun rising. But when everything went wrong and they were separated, they each went on with their lives. A writing career landed her in France, marriage and a family anchored him.

But what happens when they meet again?

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About the author...                                     

A retired salon owner and hair stylist of more than 20 years, Elaine Flowers is a full time writer and discussion leader residing in Texas. It was always a dream to become a published author, creating stories with interesting characters, and in 2002 it was realized when she became a full time writer, releasing her first novel, Black Beauty in 2004 (second edition released in 2009). It is her desire to develop a dense body of work for those who enjoy her writing.

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Fiction work...

Because the readers were clamoring for more, and had yet to get over the characters from Black Beauty , Elaine signed with Hollygrove Publishing and first released It's Morning: Torn Lovers and Their Stories, and is now giving them the long-awaited sequel to Black Beauty, and her third work of fiction, Broken Appointments. Yes, more beauty salon drama.


About the writing...

Creating characters and stories has been a life-long passion of Elaine Flowers. What started out as a hobby grew into a deep desire to entertain readers with colorful people that end up in difficult situations. "No one person is all good, or all bad," says the writer. "I love making the reader sympathize with the person they would normally hate. I also love for the reader to see the ugly side of the character they expected to cheer on."


Nonfiction work...

In the interim, this gifted writer is having great success with her first try at nonfiction. I Wouldn't Mind Having a Husband, I Just Don't Want to Be Somebody's Wife: The Single Woman's Guide to Self-fulfillment is a self-help book written women who are seeking marriage.

Praises for Elaine Flowers...

Oh was this book [It's Morning] ever a breath of fresh air for me! I've never read anything by Elaine Flowers before. After reading this book, I can tell you that it sure won't be my last! Cheryl of Black Diamond's Book Reviews

Elaine Flower's fiction work is designed to make those who have followed her writing, rejoice when they get one of her books in their hands and those who had never heard of her, never forget her name. Brian W. Smith-Dallas Morning News Best Selling author of "Deadbeat"

Flowers writes with passionate detail throughout… jazzy, hot, and left me wanting more. Victor McGlothin-Essence Best Selling author of "Sinful Too"

It's Morning, Torn Lovers & Their Stories by Flowers was quite an intriguing compilation of stories. The characters … shimmer hope into those who may feel as if true love no longer exists. I would definitely recommend this book; it would make great discussion for various types of groups (mixed gender, singles, married, etc). SistahFriend Book Club

This was my 1st time reading Elaine's work and I must admit I was very impressed. She had me from the first page with her eloquent writing style. I could not put this one down. Each story was full of intrigue, drama and surprise. I can appreciate a writer… who takes advantage of the opportunity to educate the reader in hopes of making them a better person… You won't be disappointed with this one! REGAL Sisterhood Book Club

 Elaine is a very powerful writer, with a true gift. It's Morning will most be one of our BOM. Distinct Ladies Book Club (Memphis, TN)

Elaine Flowers' novel "Black Beauty" follows the lives of the stylists at the trendy Midwestern hair salon. Flowers has weaved together (no pun intended) a lively page-turner about managing money, love, business and pleasure. I found myself wondering about these characters even when I did not have the book in front of me. This book is definitely worth the read on a lazy Saturday or even better, the next time you are at the beauty shop. OOSA Online Book Club

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