MGTOW—Men Going Their Own Way is a movement. It means men are fed up with women getting over on them. Or, at least that’s how some of them see it. And because of MGTOW, there are at least 10 THINGS that men just don’t do anymore and here is a list.

Collected Moments


When love is so strong,

you just can't let go.




The Parkers: this family of hairstylists WORK hard, FIGHT hard, and LOVE hard.




Set in a beauty salon by the same name, three women  desperately search for their happily ever after.





Three hot stories -  

one page-turning book!


About the writing:

Creating characters and stories has been a life-long passion of Elaine Flowers. What started out as a hobby grew into a deep desire to entertain readers with colorful people that end up in difficult situations.


"No one person is all good, or all bad," says the writer. "I love making the reader sympathize with the person they would normally hate. I also love for the reader to see the ugly side of the character they expected to cheer on." 

Praises for Collected Moments:

This beautiful love story spans three continents and two generations... A heart-warming story and graceful writing. Bestselling romance author, Evelyn Palfrey

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